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[edit] Storyteller's Soundtrack

Note: Lavos has a bizarrely vast knowledge of video game soundtracks, so keep that in mind as you see the playlist.
Abyssal Exaltation: Max Payne 2, Max Payne Theme
General Stuff: Chrono Symphonic, especially Darkest Omen, Schala and the Queen, and A Parting of Ways.
Spectres: Dark Side of Phobos, Darkness Dawning
Stygia: Final Fantasy VIII OST Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

[edit] Players' Soundtrack

Lost Butterfly Maiden/Cynis Falen Sarien: Tori Amos, Girl/Fisher, Mad Girl's Love Song
Lingering Smoke: Test Your Reflex - Black Hearts/Covenant - Bullet
Cathak Gaius Gan Ning: Vienna Teng, Hope On Fire/Our Lady Peace, One Man Army

[edit] Pairing Soundtrack

Gan Ning/Sarien: Snow Patrol, Set The Fire To The Third Bar/Vienna Teng, Gravity
Lingering Smoke/Sarien: Placebo, "Every You Every Me"/Ozzy Osbourne, If I Close My Eyes Forever

[edit] The World As It Stands

To Destination, Eden
Naoki Sato, Suite [Dragons of Earth]

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